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Friday, June 13, 2008

Now That I've Got Your Attention....

Apparently, a link from Bad4Shidduchim sends your sitemeter through the roof. The vast majority of you here are looking for shidduch posts, I assume. It's not exactly the main focus of my blog. Law and politics is. To paraphrase a female J-Blogger I once met, "Oh, I know your blog, there's just nothing I want to read in it."

But I do blog about shidduchim once in a while, so here's the complete list.

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Shiduchim Etiquette

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A Shidduch Story, Part II or Lying Shadchanim And The Lies They Tell

Lying Shadchanim And The Lies They Tell, Part III

Dating During Bar Prep

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A Shidduchim Etiquette Question, Part II


You have a law degree. You've passed the bar, no small feat. You obviously have a brain. Why on earth would you want a yenta to broker your personal relationships???
I'll answer it for you- because everyone loves a good shidduch story. People cannot stop talking about the so called" shidduch crisis" and it mixes things up a bit.

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