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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dating During Bar Prep

My law school career is coming to a close. In about two months, for about 2 months, I'll be studying for the bar exam. I've been soliciting advice from friends on how to handle it, now I'm soliciting advice from my online friends.

One question has been bugging me- is there any point in dating this June and July? On on hand, I'm assuming I'm going to be crazy busy, and there isn't going to be much time for romance. On the other hand, I think I'll lose my mind if I don't have some distraction from bar prep.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


I think you should date. Bar prep is a marathon, not a sprint (and you just have to finish, not come in first) - so you should be putting in time every day, but not letting it overwhelm the rest of your life.
It depends on your state of mind. If studying makes you very tene, then that will come through and convey a negative impression on a date. But if you can relax, then go for it.
Bar prep can be summed up in two words: Practice questions. base everything on practice questions. Lectures are nice, but you need practice questions.

As for dating, what do you do before finals? You will need an outlet. Perhaps dating is it. Will you make a great impression on your dates? I got quite punchy after ten hours of bar prep and would have been even less charming than I normally am.

Oh, and make sure to take PMBR for the multistate.
I think Ari's right, you may a little stressed during bar prep for dating. Even if not terribly, then at best you'll be distracted.

Somewhat Anon is also right. I wouldn't go into the full-day stuff until July (I used July 4th as sign-post; once it passed, I kicked into high gear).

So if you can actually pay attention to a girl and be a good date during June, try it.

But let her know that you're taking July off.
With regard to Somewhat's comment. While you don't have to come in first, you do HAVE to finish. If you think that by dating you will be unable to "give it your all" then don't date.

I definitely don't think you should start something new during Bar prep.
I say date. Bar prep is cake compared to life as a first year. Once you start work you will look back fondly on this coming summer. Im ain achshav aimati?
Meh, life as a first year can be just fine if you're at the right firm.

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