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Friday, March 09, 2007

Not Something You Want To See As You Leave The Restaurant

I met a friend today in the city for a late lunch. Cafe K was the closest restaurant nearby. Around 3:30 we finish, and as we're leaving, I noticed that they were stacking the tables, and that we were the last customers still in the restaurant, the only other people eating were the waiters and other staff. I though that was weird, as I'm pretty sure Cafe K doesn't shut down between lunch and dinner.

As we're walking away from the door, I turn around for some reason, and I quickly realized why they were stacking the tables.

The picture isn't great, but the sign was dated 3/8/07. So basically, I ate the last meal in a restaurant right before the health inspector closed it down.

I think I'm going to puke.


Gross!!! I just ate from there last night... and order from there pretty often these days. (I work right there.)

Darn it - no good milchigs places left that deliver to the client I'm at!

If I were you, I'd have asked for a refund, then vomited on the floor. That's really nasty.
I wonder if they're gonna reopen.
Ezzie - Milk and Honey doesn't deliver to where you are? I find that they're pretty good (they deliver up to 52nd, not sure how far east). Also, Gusto Va Mare has a few cheaper (relatively) items on its menu.
Ah crap. My wife and I went there on our first date. It was a good place. That's too bad.
CWY - Probably. Circa did after 2 weeks... they just need to fix all the problems, get an inspection, and get the okay.

Somewhat Anon - I wish! They deliver to my office, and they're actually so close we usually just walk there, but apparently where my client is is just outside of their delivery range. (A couple blocks north, based on what you wrote.)

Gusto va Mare does deliver, and they're really close, but my co-worker has ordered twice from there so far and it's been cold both times by the time it came. But I guess I'll have to try if I don't want fleish every meal.
(Sorry CWY for taking the thread a bit.)
I had a similar experience ast Ratner's a number of years ago. We had gone out for my birthday and as our group was leaving the 7 Eyewitness News Van pulled up and was asking us what we ate. Puzzzled we asked why. There was a salmonella scare in some of the packaged blintzes that were made in the store and sold in supermarkets etc. We all freaked out, but thank goodness no one got sick. That would have a been a birthday to remember.
I had recently gone to eat in Mendy's on 34 street. A month ago (winter- snow outside). When the waitress brought over bread there were tiny flies buzzing to them. As soon as I left I called the health dept on them. Who knows what was going on in the kitchen.
Additionally, when I tried to look up the store on the Dept of Health Website they have a slightly different name and address.

If you ever make a complaint - always geethe REAL name of the establishment. Many are DBA and even if they known name gets a ticket that can operate under their REAL name with the same health and nasty violations. It is usually found on the wall with tiny print near the cash register. Pretty sneaky!

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