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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Looks like Al Gore is just a male version of Gulfstream-liberal" Laurie David; a big fat hypocrite.

Drudge links to press release by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, which says that Gore's mansion uses 20 times more electricity than the average house.

Now I don't care if someone lives in a house so large that it needs its own coal-fired power plant. But if you're going to be a energy hog while preaching that global warming is going destroy the planet unless we radically change our lifestyle and cripple our economy, well then I might just get annoyed at the hypocrite.


1) To not mention that he's carbon neutral is downright dishonest. One can question whether carbon neutrality makes sense, but to simply ignore it is just stupid.

2) His impact as a speaker will probably do much more good than the harm he does flying there.
1. I was not aware that his house was carbon neutral, I just though he bought CO2 credits to offset his travel. Carbon neutral house or not, he's still a hypocrite. He's always preaching that we need to change the way we act to reduce our effect on the environment. How about moving into a smaller house? Not everyone can buy their way to being green.

2. I didn't mention anything about him flying, so I'm not sure why you brought it up.
Ok, he's a hypocrite. I didn't realize it was about the house.
Gore responding to Drudge
Read Gore's response in the press release (j's thinkprogress link)
He's aware of the high energy usage and tries to offset energy efficiency and paying more for altnerative energy improvements, just like with his flights.

In addition, (I can't find the link now), he runs his businesses from his home. Comparing his energy usage to small business office is probably much more realistic. Any idea of the enery costs for small businesses?
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