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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Not Quite A Size 12

So I went shopping for pants the other day. I browse through the pants in Marshalls, find a couple of pairs in size, pay for them, and go home.

Well I had a bit of a surprise when I tried one pair on when I got home. It seemed a bit tight as I was putting them on, too tight for a size 32, and I know I haven't put on any weight lately. Then I try closing the button. Oddly, it seems to be on the wrong side.

Then the light bulb appeared over my head. I'm wearing women's trousers. That's right, a nice pair of size 12 women's pants.

Somehow they ended up in the men's department, attached to a hangar with 32 on it.

And no, I have no plans on wearing the pants on Purim.


I was sure this was going to be a story about another rejected shidduch involving a dishonest shadchan. . .
Out of curiousity... how do you not notice that you've grabbed women's pants?!
Well like I said, the button was on the wrong side. Also, the pants were a size 12.
So its going to be a skirt this year for Purim?
so did you check yourself out in the mirrow of how good you look in those pants, in the totally non-gay kind of way.

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