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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Lies

While I'm on the topic...

About a month ago, I'm set up with a girl. Everything sounds great on paper. The shadchan says the girl is 5'7, which is fine, because I'm 5'10. I'm not comfortable going out with girls who are taller than me, but it's rarely a problem, as not many Jewish girls are that tall.

Well the girl wasn't 5'7. I'm not a great judger of height, my guess was she was at least 5'11.

Needless to say, I was not exactly pleased. In the end, it wasn't a good date, height problems or not. But even if it was a great date, I probably wouldn't go out again because of the height thing. It makes me very uncomfortable.

Flash forward to the phone call to the shadchan the next day.

When the topic of height was mentioned, here's the shadchan's response.

(Thick Hungarian accent) "I knew she was taller. But you know, if it's know!"

Stuff like this makes my blood boil. More on the lying problem later.


those issues annoy me so much as well. particularly height... they all seem to lie. it's ridiculous.
Don't use the Shadchan again.

Makes you wonder what she's telling the girls about YOU....

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