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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Joe Biden Is An Idiot

Nice to know that Joe Biden thinks that Barack Obama is “clean”.  


Wow. Yeah, he is.

I look forward to your similar criticisms of Rush Limbaugh.
No problem. Anything in particular you want me to criticize?
I was thinking about the whole "Halfrican American" thing. It's not just him, it seems half the right is in an uproar about Obama being called African-American despite having a white mom.
Let's see if Biden can hold the record for short duration candidate ever. Even if the quote is parsed so that "first African American" is separate from the other statements, the quote is still idiotic since he got fewer votes and left earlier than Sharpton in 1988. If Sharpton wasn't mainstream that means neither was Biden.
obama made the mistake of messing with the leader of the free world, john howard.

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