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Monday, December 17, 2007

More Huckabee Stuff

Almost all of the criticism by conservatives against Huckabee so far has been on domestic issues; namely that he's basically a socially conservative, big government, economic populist. Take away God, gays, and abortion, he'd fit right in with the Democrats.

Everyone knows he's a foreign policy neophyte, and till now, he's been basically silent on the issues.

Till now.

And it doesn't look good.

If by some awful miracle, he wins the GOP nomination, I'm almost surely going to hold my nose and vote for Hillary.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gee, What A Surprise!

Congressional leaders briefed on waterboarding in in 2002.

Apparently, back in 2002, Democrats were concerned about terrorist attacks!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Diplomatic Pressure?

John Bolton, in today's Washington Post, discusses the National Intelligence Estimate on Iran.

Money quote:
Second, the NIE is internally contradictory and insufficiently supported. It implies that Iran is susceptible to diplomatic persuasion and pressure, yet the only event in 2003 that might have affected Iran was our invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, not exactly a diplomatic pas de deux. As undersecretary of state for arms control in 2003, I know we were nowhere near exerting any significant diplomatic pressure on Iran. Nowhere does the NIE explain its logic on this critical point.
Exactly. Other than a WSJ editorial yesterday, I haven't seen anyone pick up on this oddity at all.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Sports Post

It's odd. The only thing I like talking about more than law and politics is professional sports. And yet I rarely, if ever, blog about sports. Not sure why, though.

But here goes nothing:

I'm glad the Yankees aren't going to trade for Santana. Really, Really glad. Yes I am very aware of how good Santana is. He's the best pitcher in baseball. He's miles better than the #2 pitcher, whoever that may be. But I didn't want the Yankees to have to give up Hughes. He's really young, really talented, and has already shown that he can make in New York. Plus I'm always worried when bringing a new pitcher into Yankee Stadium. What if Santana can't handle New York? There's a long line of pitchers who were great but couldn't handle the pressure of pitching in the biggest market in baseball.

Now if the Red Sox get Santana, they're going to have a scary good rotation. But I'm quite ok with a rotation of Wang, Pettite, Hughes, Joba, and Moose/Kennedy.

The Man From Hope

Dean Barnett tries to explain Huckabee's rise. I'm still not buying it. Lord help the GOP if he's nominated.

Jonah Goldberg put it perfectly. "Huckabee is the bastard child of Lou Dobbs and Pat Robertson."