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Monday, March 12, 2007

Burning Wigs In Jerusalem

Yeah, it's an old story, but a friend came home with some videos that he took during this freak show. 20 CWY points to whoever can translate the whole thing. My Yiddish isn't great.


I'll give it a whirl.

The Yiddish is heavily accented, a sort of Israeli accented Yiddish.

"[unintelligible] eleven years....Gevalt... the Kabbalos... that we must accept...the Kabbalos.. that we are accepting here...will certainly bring a Gevaldige yeshua (salvation) for all of klal yisrael without a doubt (Hebrew).....Chazal say [that] arayo[s]... ([hebrew]... something negative to do with wine)...and when we see today such a frightful situation... it is [the same Hebrew posuk about (something negative to do with) wine]..."

Basically the guy is saying that these wigs are like arayos, which Chazal compared to something to do with wine/alcohol (yayin), which is also apparently very bad (worse than arayos?). And that this is responsible for all the very bad things in the world today.

Rah, rah. I'll take my points now, please.
I'll sent them out, you should receive them in 4-6 weeks.
The wine reference is to the midrash regarding the proximity of the parshiot of sotah and nazir (Devarim 5:11 - 6:21): "Whoever witnesses the degradation of the sotah will separate himself from wine".


Why were they burning these wigs anyway? Was this the Indian-human hair thing?
No, this was a tznius thing, they were burning all sorts of things, not just wigs.,7340,L-3357145,00.html
The Hebrew words are "without a doubt" =bli-shum safek
I have a neighbor who burned his wifes wigs in our buildings parking lot at the time of the "wig crisis". I watched him light them on fire.

Chaim G., I believe I included that in my translation.

I'm actually sort of impressed with myself! That's three years of Stoliner Yeshiva.

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