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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I always think of that Tom Petty song during shidduch dating. One of the worst parts of it is the morning after. You've had a really great date the night before. But being the mentch that you are , you don't ask her out again, instead the next morning you call the shadchan, say you had a really nice time, and would like to go out with her again. Then the waiting begins.

The shadchan has to call the girl, leave a message, girl calls back, yes she had a really nice time as well and would like to go out again, shadchan forget to call guy, remembers to call guy, guy is relieved, and another date ensues. But those few hours waiting for the shadchan to get back to you is the worst. So a friendly reminder to all shadchunim out there: Try to get in touch with both parties ASAP


Trust me, it's not much better out here without a shadchan. :-)
Ah yes the Shadchan... I don't miss those days...What about the shadchan that tries to set you up with anything that wears a skirt.....oy!

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