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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Subtle Anti-Israel Bias

DovBear has be looking at the NY Times and searching for evidence of an anti-Israeli bias. So far I can't complain. See here and here. But take a look at this week's Time. It's sick. There are several stories on the current conflict. Let's start with the front page which shows a picture of bombed out Beirut, with the headline "THE WAY OUT...Of this mess. The six keys to peace in the Middle East."

Preceding the first article are 3 photos, each spread over two pages. The first one is another picture of bombed out Beirut with a quote from a Lebanese taxi driver about him not leaving his neighborhood to defy Israel.

The second photo is of a injured woman crying and being held by her brother. A caption tells us that an Israeli airstrike killed members of her family. There's also a quote from a the chief of the Lebanese Red Cross about terrified civilians.

The third photo is of a squad of Israeli soldiers in full battleground and camouflage. There's a quote from the IDF notifying Lebanese community leaders that they are going to invade and they better get out.

Then there is the main article, a piece of drivel written Michael Elliot. It's titled "6 Keys To Peace". It reads like it was written by a third grade student. There's nothing particularly biased about it; it just doesn't say anything that hasn't been said for many, many years.

Two articles about Bush and Iran follow.

Then comes a rather unflattering hit piece on Olmert. Quick summary: Olmert overreached, possibly for political reasons to shore up his very thin military resume. There are three photos: one of Olmert writing something while holding a flashlight in his mouth, one of Israeli APCs moving into Lebanon, and finally, a small picture of weeping relatives over the casket of an IDF soldier.

Finally, there is an article (actually more of a human interest story) about Hezbollah. Lots of pictures, including a real creepy one of children dressed in fatigues saluting and pledging their commitment to martyrdom.

To summarize- out of 17 total photos, 4 are of Israel: 2 pictures of the IDF, one of Olmert, and one of a grieving family. No pictures of Israeli towns damaged by Hezbollah rockets. On the other hand, there are 2 pictures of bombed out Beirut, one of a grieving mother, and lots of random pictures of Hezbollah family life.


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