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Friday, July 14, 2006

17th of Tamuz Meme

It's been a while since the J-Blogosphere had a meme go around, so I figured I'd start a new one.

What did you break your fast on last night? (And if you didn't fast, just make something up)

I broke my fast on the same thing I always break my fast on: A chocolate danish, Tropicana orange juice, cheese omlet, and a bagel and cream cheese.

I tag Nephtuli, Romach, Shoshana, Chaim, Ezzie, Sara, and DovBear just to get the ball rolling.


I made and didn't eat a nice veggie chilli, but I actually ate two bowls of ice cream and a quart of lemonade.
Aunt Jemima Cinnamon French Toast, with sour cream.

As always.

(I used to make my own French toast to break fasts, but when Aunt Jemima came out it tasted just as good and took much less time.)
I had bacon with eggs, some orange juice, and a little shrimp on the side.
Chocolate milk....followed by Kellogg's Complete Oat Bran cereal. (I try to eat light after a fast.)
My dear wife made 2 cream cheese and lox sandwiches for me -- which I ate during patrol. I wanted to break the fast at home but had to run after terrorists instead.

(We couldn't find them after looking till midnight)

Shavua tov!
Thanks so much!
I had some onions and eggs which were left out over night. I was mamash enjoying them unttil one of my chasidim pointed out that that's treif as is mefusrash at Rabosi, be gzunt and eat gzunt.
A bottle of soda and some yogurt on a Amtrak train.

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