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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why Soccer Sucks

Yes, I know the World Cup is over. And I'm embarrassed to admit that I actually watched the last 15 minutes of overtime and the penalty kicks. (Well I actually watched it because it looks incredible in hi-def. I can watch any sport in hi-def, even curling)

Watching the end of the game only reinforced my belief that soccer is a horrible, boring sport. What kind of sport decides the world champion based on penalty kicks? That's like deciding the Super Bowl based on field goals. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And then I read this. Never has someone more perfectly summarized everything that is wrong with soccer.

Money quote:
Soccer is the perfect game for the post-modern world. It's the quintessential expression of the nihilism that prevails in many cultures, which doubtlessly accounts for its wild popularity in Europe. Soccer is truly Seinfeldesque, a game about nothing, sport as sensation...In truth, soccer could be played without using a ball at all, and few would notice the difference.


Aren't all sports, in truth, games about nothing?

Wait a sec - you have hi-def!? Umm, hello, some of us are in desperate need...!
Say what you want about soccer. But lay off Seinfeld!

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