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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dealing With Missionaries

Late Monday night I ran into one of those Jews for Jesus guys hanging out in Forest Hills. He spied my yarmulka and handed me a flier for a concert or something. I took it ripped into a few pieces and kept on walking. I'm pretty sure he said "feel better"? as I discarded the shards into a garbage can.

Did I do the right thing? Should I have taken the flier? Should I have thrown it out later? Or should I have engaged this guy and tell him that for 2,000 years my people would have rather been killed rather than renounce their faith?


its a scary thing that the nyc disorganized jewish world ignores
>>tell him that for 2,000 years my people would have rather been killed rather than renounce their faith

I like that one.
On the street, I usually just ignore them.

When they come to my home (as the Witnesses do about once a month -- and always on Shabbos at mealtime), I just give them a polite "no, thank you."

The Wolf
I have friends who advise taking their literature, as much as they will give you, and then throwing it out when you are out of their sight. It uses up their financial resources that way.

Personally, 9 times out of 10 I don't do that.
I strongly disapprove of your actions. With all the landfill and waste problems in NYC, couldn't you have at least held on to the torn up flier until you found a recycling bin? :)
I think you did the right thing. If you engage them in debate, you'll lose. If you tell them that we've been willing to die for 2,000 years, you'll also lose. Why? He'll reply "Ah, but we're not against your faith, here let me show you how" and suddenly you're engaging him.

Taking the literature and not throwing it out is likewise a bad idea. It is quite likely that someone will see you do it and wonder if the literature has some value. They might take a look at it too.

Ripping it up, publicly, as soon as he gives it to you, is the best option. Just ignore the missionary, not even replying when he asks if you feel better.
J4J irritate hell out of me. You did great! I think I will do the same next time!!

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