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Monday, June 26, 2006

What Has Become Of Our Religon??

You can’t make this stuff up.  Check out Orthomom’s post on the crassest attempt I’ve ever seen to raise money for a Jewish organization.  Basically it’s “give money to us and you won’t die in a horrible car crash”.  Who needs seat belts and anti-lock brakes?  I’ve got 2,000 kids saying Tehilim for me!  


In fairness, the ad never said anything about neglecting driving safety - only that a donation would provide additional protection.

As to the crassness of it - that's a problem (see my comments over at OM).
It is embarrasing. It is religion at its worst. Primitive magical thinking.
Belief in prayer is not "primitive magical thinking" - or if it is, its the type of primitive thinking that Orthodox Jews should and must believe in. The ad is objectionable for other reasons, but not this.
Somewhat: You are wrong. Prayer in Judaism bestows no guarantees on the petitioners, as a quick perusal through the Tanach will confirm for you. The Jewish G-d is not a baal to be appeased and bent to our will.
Who said anything about guarantees? Prayer has power an indeed is the characteristic "tool" of Jews. (The kol of yaakov vs. the yadayim of Esav). To believe that prayer has power and can change things in this world is not to say that it always will or is guaranteed to do so.

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