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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Knicks Fire Brown...

...And Thomas takes over. What a stupid move. Brown is a great coach. But even the best coach in the world isn't going to do well when his team is terrible. And the Knicks are terrible because of Isiah Thomas; quite possibly the worst GM in NBA history. Why is Thomas still around? If he had even the slightest shred of humility and self-awarness he would have quit a long time ago. But based on what he said ( "No one in our organization is happy with last season and we all accept responsibility for our performance") it's clear that he's just an idiot.


Heh. Wow. The only thing they could have done to get worse.
The Knicks are a disaster. Isiah doesnt know how to coach to save his life. He destoryed that Indiana team when he took over. Took them from being in the Finals to being a barely 500 team.

the Knicks don't know what they are doing.
totally agree...can't say it shocked me because we all saw it coming it was just a matter of when... therfore i propose the total humiliation of thomas only managing to win 5-10 games, at the most
Definately true. No one in the Knicks organization had any track record except for Brown. But the team is young, and there is some talent. Perhaps the team will play harder for Thomas...But don't count on it.

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