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Monday, June 12, 2006

Gitmo Suicides

Am I the only one who sees this as a good thing? All over the world, people are clamoring for the U.S. to shut down Guantanamo Bay. Well if the prisoners keep hanging themselves, and if the jailers permit the hunger strikes to continue, then soon their won't be any reason to keep the prison open!


It's like your inside my head man ... :-)

I say they should all teach us a HUGE lesson and ALL commit suicide.

In fact I think all terrorists should launch a wave of single suicides and ALL kill themselves.
You are assuming that everyone at Gitmo is guilty. More than that you are assuming everyone is guilty of a crime that should lead to their deaths. There is enough evidence that contradicts both of these assumptions.

Not to mention, if we are keeping this people to collect counter-terrorist information, then that don't tell us much dead. If we're just keeping them as prisoners, there are many cheaper and easier places to put them.
I'm guessing you've failed to notice my attempt at humor.

If we're just keeping them as prisoners, there are many cheaper and easier places to put them.

Like where?
Alas, not all attempts at humor reach that lofty goal. Perhaps I just don't find jokes hoping about mass suicides to be funny. I'm strange that way.

If they all are guilty terrorists, it wouldn't be hard to have some trials at put them in any maximum security jail in the US. Even with the trials, it would probably still be cheaper than running Gitmo.
How do you have a trial for someone who hasn't comitted any crimes? It's not against U.S. law to fight the army overseas.

It's not as if CSI guys were hanging out in Afghanistan collecting evidence. There's no way to have a civilian trial.

They are basically P.O.W.'s without the protection of the Geneva Convention.
We need some way of really confirming these all were terrorists. There have already been enough cases of mistaken identities and overzealous informers getting the wrong people in Gitmo. You line about CSI guy implies (probably correctly) that we don't have any information that at least some of these prisoners did anything wrong. Military trials can also work... they do have a lower burden of proof.

So besides encouraging mass suicide what do you think should be done with these people?
I'm all in favor of military tribunals. But the NY Times and those on the left want full trials. Bush is pushing for tribunals, but they are being helded up in Court- the Supreme Court is expected to rule if they are constitutional any day now.

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