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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Some Things Should Be Kept Private

The NY Times has an article about how employers are checking MySpace and Facebook to find information about potential interviewees. Bottom line is- don't post pictures of yourself passed out drunk, and don't write that you like to smoke weed.

The article doesn't mention blogs, but I've always followed one rule: Never post anything that would embarress you if your blog-anonymity is blown.


You should be embarrassed that your link to JAJC is broken (missing th "h" in http I think.

(Ok, I was trying to be witty and failed, sue me).
Hey, I'm glad I bumped into this blog. Thanks for being here! Which law school are you in? I just graduated and am now registered to take the bar. -Zoe
It's been a year, and I'm still (mostly) anon. I'm trying to keep it that way. Sorry.
Yeah, but even so there is something disturbing about future employers checking Facebook and finding things that were meant just for your friends. Whereas blogs are in the public arena anyway.

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