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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DovBear Is A Moron

...and now I've stooped to his level. But what do you expect after an exchange like this?

Dov Bear:

Repugs are phenom. succesful on the radio because their brand of politics is rediculously simple, as it is made up (mostly) of lies, smear and fear mongering.

Democrats are less succeful on the radio. No one approaches the Rush/Savage/Hannity numbers. Why is that? Are you really saying that among all the radio hosts in the whole wide world the Democrats can't find someone capable of doing big radio numbers? Why do you suppose that is?


Republicans work better on the radio than democrats for the same reason people buy japanese cars over americans: they offer a superior product.

Are you really in law school? Is your father the dean?

I concede they supply a superior product. Wasn't that obvious? What I want to know is why the Democrats can't do it, too. We can identify elements of Japanese and American culture that explain why one country is better at producing cars than the other.

But when I identify what I think are the elemets of republican culture that make them more succesful on the radio, you reply: "They put out a better product??"

Your brilliance leaves me dumnbfounded.

The product is conservatism. It's superior .

As to why conservatism is superior, well that's for a whole other post.


Potatoe chips sell better than oranges. Are potatoe chips superior?

False choice. They're not 2 brands of the same product. But conservatism and liberalism are 2 approaches to the same thing, and conservatism is generally superior.


You're both right. Like I said over there:
"Does anyone still believe that party politics have anything to do with ideas?
You don't vote anymore for the party that's less corrupt. You vote for the party that's corrupted by people most like you."
(/shameless plug)
DovBear Rules!
You should hook Dov Bear up with Dan Quayle.....

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