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Monday, June 05, 2006

So Suit Me

Most firms nowadays have a full time business casual dress code. Button-down shirt, pressed pants, and you're good to go. Other firms permit business casual during the summer.

Not my firm.

Except for Fridays, it's all suits, all the time.

When I interviewed, one of the attorneys mentioned it offhand. I never asked if it would apply interns as well. So on my first day, I wore a suit, hoping that someone would tell me, "Oh you don't have to wear a suit", or something like that.

Well, that didn't happen. So now I wear a suit everyday. Thankfully, as an Orthodox Jew who goes to shul every Shabbos, I have a closet full of suits. But I wonder- if someone else had my job, what would he do? The job doesn't pay enough to buy a new wardrobe. How many second year law students have more than one, maybe two suits?

Yeah, it's a hassle wearing a suit everyday, I'm still learning the art of matching a tie to a colored shirt. But on some level, I think it's pretty cool. I may not know anything about practicing law, but I sure look like lawyer.


Heh. Thank God accounting is dress shirts and pants only most of the time.
Well I can wear shorts to you have short envy now?

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