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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Reason #456 Why Not To Live In Baltimore

A couple was arrested for asking a police officer for directions home after an Oriole game.


Wow, that's sickening. But what are the other 455 reasons, seeing as I'm considering it? :)
The Orioles, the high murder rate, also, I remember a story last year how leaves were stealing hudreds of street lights and selling the 20 foot steel poles for scrap.
Yes, the great leaf crime wave of '04, I remember it well.

Wow, that's a really big typo. leaves/thieves. Wow.
Leaf crime wave. ROFL. ROFL. That was great.

Nu, crime waves aren't too bad, because they result in huge crackdowns and safety within a year or two (politics!).

And Camden is great - I get great seats to Indians games for cheap!
Did they ever find out what the deal was with that couple? Was there a missing piece of the story?
No idea, I never saw an update.
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