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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

1 Down, 3 To Go

So I just finished my ConLawII take home exam. This was the most poorly written exam I have ever taken, it's as if the professor didn't proofread what she wrote.

Example: The hypo says that "The State has instituted prosecution against....[the] commune for polyamory, violating the anti-abortion laws, and practicing medicine without a license...All those being prosecuted are raising constitutional defenses".

The problem is, the exam doesn't say what the anti-abortion laws are. So how do I discuss the constitutional issues of a law that I don't know anything about?



Do/Did you have Hamilton? Great class. Engaging professor. Idiotic and poorly written exam. I heard that she blamed our class for inability to write exam answers. I suspect it didn't occur to her that the quality of the exam answers were directly related to the poorly phrased and incredibly repetitive exam questions.
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