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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Moussaoui Verdict

So Moussaoui will live. I'm ok with that. Though I am a big supporter of the death penalty, I'm not sure it would have been appropriate here. I'm not comfortable with someone getting the death penalty for conspiracy. He didn't kill anyone. Yes, if he had talked it may have prevented 9/11, but then again, maybe not. That's not enough, IMHO to execute someone.


If Moussaoui had been a co-conspirator for something like Columbine, I'd probably agree with you. However, I think if there is one place we should be applying the death penalty strictly, it is against terrorists involved with attacks on America (whether the attack is successful or not). As such, I would be in favor of executing him even if 9/11 hadn't gone off as it did. I don't see this in the same prism as domestic crimes.
I have to agree with your friend, particularly knowing that France is going to ask that he be transferred somewhere down the line to them - and then who knows what will happen.

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