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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Chasidim Gone Wild

There were two articles today in the NY Times, both dealing with Chasidim.  Both articles, especially the one dealing with last night's riot were a chillul hashem.  (No, DB, I'm not accusing the Times of anti-Semitism)  

Why is it when Chasidim get angry a riot or some sort of scuffle always breaks out?  There's no excuse for that kind of behavior, even if the police did treat a 75 year old man poorly.  You don't burn bonfires in the street and you certainly don't set a police car ablaze.  Jews aren't supposed to be hooligans.  

As for the Satmars- maybe other Rebbes will finally learn from this sad situation and clearly designate who you want to be Rebbe after you're gone.  Or better yet, follow what Vito Corleone did and step aside and allow your son to take over the family business while you're still alive.  


Which law school are you in?
Problem is, like the Corleones, there's ALWAYS a "Fredo" in the family, waiting in the wings.

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