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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Law School Public Embarrassment

Funniest moment for me in law school so far:

In Constitutional Law today the class was on pornography and Congressional attempts to regulate it on the internet.  During the discussion, the professor suggested that there may be attempts to “zone” pornographic websites behind a specific domain suffix like .xxx- which would probably be Constitutional as the Supreme Court has upheld physical zoning of adult-oriented business.

The professor then asked, “Who would be in charge of deciding which sites have to use .xxx”?  I raised my hand and said ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers; there the ones who basically control the internet)

Everyone in class started laughing like crazy.  At first I didn’t understand.  Then it quickly hit me- all 125 of them though I said “I can”, as in I can be the one to decide which porn sites should be placed behind .xxx.  I turned beet-red.  I sputtered, “…that’s not what I meant!  I was referring to ICANN!  Not I can!”  The professor quickly said, “I know what you’re taking about, but I don’t think your classmates do”.  



Damn, see this is why I have to stop missing class.....
Hehe. Pretty funny.
sorry i missed it
I hope your embarrassment was short lived. The prof did explain what you said right?
That's the problem...she didn't.

But I think the class understood that i didn't mean what they thought I meant.
Was your yarmulke burning a hole in your skull right then or are you not self-conscious about it?
As a side note, please don't take this personally, for all those times that people like to point to their yamulke and say, 'people saw me do this great deed and they noticed my yamulke so it reflects positively on the religion and made a kiddush hashem etc', does the same apply over here in reverse? Why not?
WHo knew using abbreviations could be so dangerous:)
Thanks for a good laugh. Hope you are recovering from your moment though.

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