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Monday, May 15, 2006

The President's Immigration Speech

I normally cringe when I watch Bush speak, but tonight was different. He was clear, he was articulate, and he finally had a decent speech to read. (I wonder if he got a new speechwriter?)

Bush is trying to hold the middle ground here, and I commend him for it. It was smart for him to start off with presenting border security as a basic right of a sovereign nation. It's not about keeping Mexicans out, it's about knowing who is coming in. I think that if we do a better shot of securing the border and grant incentives for coming here legally, then more people would be open to an amnesty program (yes it's an amnesty program, no matter how you spin it). If people truly, honestly believe that this is the last time the U.S. is going to legalize millions of illegals, then they will go along with it. But if it's just going to happen again in 20 years because we failed to secure the border, well, I for one am not going to like it.

I can continue, but I've got a final in 36 hours...


I guesss the NY Times watched a different speech than I did. But latlely, most of their editorials have sounded like the DailyKos, so it's possible that they are just nuts.


Yeah I gotta go with you on the nytimes thing. I, who am generally a fan of the grey lady, was not impressed by their editorial. It just seemed like "we can't approve of anything he likes...lets bash him for irrelevent things instead".

I, for one, would like to hear some alternatives instead of the bashing. I didn't see any in the editorial, and really, I can't think of any signficant ones. Amnesty for all? Really? Is that what's going to help our country?
This is why no matter how many times the GOP looks bad, or however many times they think they finally "got bush!" the left will not win back anything come '06/'08

You cannot win votes on a platform of hate. The left is sooo consumed in their hatred of the right and Bush that they are blind.

This past Sunday I was at someone's house who is typical bush hater. He points to the NY times headline on the bush/cheney telephone thing and he says "this time we got em, this is the thing, this is whats gonna get him out of office"

I'm like dude, it's almost mid 2006. Stop focusing all your energy and hate on Bush. Why doesn't the left worry about its own message and trying to get back the house/senate/whitehouse.

The NY Times is mamash popaganda now. It's like the blind hatred leading the blind hatred.
You cannot win votes on a platform of hate. The left is sooo consumed in their hatred of the right and Bush that they are blind.

The entire Republican platform is based on hate. First it was hatred of Clinton. Then it was hatred of terrorists. Now it's hatred of immigrants.

Go back a few years and it was hatred of blacks, or hatred of Communists.
I'm pretty ok with the GOP hating terrorists and Communists, but hatred of immigrants? When I see the party platform calling for cessation of all immigration (legal or otherwise) then I'll believe you.
DB, your a perfect example of being so consumed by your own hatred you don't realize what's up and down. You guys all need anger management. Clinton was a long time! We are living in the present now and sorry to shock you but I (and none of my right leaning friends) don't hate immigrants.
Both parties use hatred for political reasons, but only the Left makes Bush bashing its primary platform. Does anyone even know what the Democrats are offering in the 2006 elections? The Democrats have some appealing policies but they all get shoved under the table in favor of Bush bashing.
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They just can't stop hating Bush. It's comments like this one, that will doom the dems chances in upcoming elections.

Edwards bashing Bush

Why isnt he using this time to tell people what the left DOES stand for?

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