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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Helping The Poor?

From today's NY Times on the latest Bush tax cuts:

Representative Alcee L. Hastings, Democrat of Florida, spoke bitterly in opposition to the bill. "Now millionaires have the right to have all the money they can," Mr. Hastings said, his voice shaking. "But if you ask them, I believe that they want to share with the poor. I don't think that they want to see people pushed out into the streets."

Now that is what's wrong with Democrats and liberals. Oh no! Millionars have the right to earn money! Lots of money! Heaven forbid!

If millionares want to help the poor, don't you think they'd rather give to the charity of their choice instead of paying more in taxes?


You're right! I can't understand this continual class warfare madness, not can I understand the antipathy towards success stories like Bill Gates or Wal-Mart. To me, it's jealousy, pure and simple. If you work hard and make something of yourself, that's now seen as bad, in our politically correct world, whereas if you refuse to work and stay on welfare all your life, you are seen as some kind of victim. I'll never understand it.
nicely said
I wonder if Hastings' desire to redistribute wealth is what got him removed from the federal bench in the first place?

BTW, just to name drop, I've met and interacted with Hastings. He is generally a good guy even if he, like most politicians, is utterly disconnected from the hretoric he spouts.
Some of those Democrats are just a bunch of hypocrites, who *pretend* to care for the poor, but in reality only care about their political goals. I know it's a logical fallacy to attack the messenger instead of the message... but it's kind of hard not to. Considering that many of the messengers are millionaires themselves and don't go around giving away free money.
If people work hard and succeed, that's great and if those people want to give charity, that's even greater. But it's the government's responsibility to make sure its people are not living on the street starving to death (something which I think we can all agree is bad). And well, the government gets its money from taxes. I don't understand why that comes under fire as much as it does.

Everyone agrees that it's a bad idea to have people starving. And many people would agree that the government should get involved (although not everyone). But CWY's issue is that people seem to find it objectionable that millionares can keep their money. The government has the burden to show that it needs the money before it takes it via taxes.
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