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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Frivolous Lawsuit Of The Day

Drudge links to a story today about a 14 year old girl suing for $30 million. It seems she met some guy online, who claimed to be a high-school senior. After exchanging emails and phone calls, they met in real life. Turns out the guy was a bit older than that, and the guy sexually assaulter her.  The lawsuit claims that MySpace doesn't verify the age of its users.  Ignore for the moment the fact that responsibility here lays with the girls and her parents.  Ignore for the moment that a girl should never meet a guy she meet online unless she is carrying an automatic weapon and a hunting knife.  Ignore for a moment that even if there was an age verification system it wouldn’t stop a 17 year old rapist from attacking girls.

Better yet, don’t ignore all of this.  Take some damn personal responsibility, and stop blaming everyone else for your stupid mistake.  


Wow! I agree with you. How often does that happen on our respective blogs?

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