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Monday, June 12, 2006

Lakewood Internet Ban...

...Apparently doesn't apply if you're away for Shabbos.

We had guests this past Shabbos, a young kollel couple who were in town for a simcha. In the guest room, there is a computer. They asked if they could use it. I resisted the urge to ask them if they had permission from their Rosh Yeshiva, as I doubted that the husband needed it for business. I also resisted the urge to check the browser history and forward the contents to his shv'er.


There is no ban in Lakewood on USE of the internet, rather on having internet freely accessible in one's HOME. There is even discussion of a community run internet cafe.
Does the Lkwd library have internet? That's where all the Yeshiva ____ _____ boys go to do their work. I still don't understand why the Yeshiva doesn't grant internet access through their computer lab. password protected and all.
Please do tell, what did they look at? I'm so curious!

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