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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Happy Blogging Birthday To Me!

A year ago I started this blog to keep myself entertained during down time at my summer job. A year later and 240 posts, I'm still going strong. How much longer can I keep this up? I guess as long as I still have strong opinions about religion, law, and politics or until I find another outlet to express my opinions. (Public office someday?)

I've been on the Internet for almost 12 years now, and I've never stayed with one thing for at least a year. Chat rooms, message boards, Usenet, online groups, etc..., but I've found the J-Blogosphere the most enjoyable of them all. A special thanks needs to be given to DovBear, whose blog sucked me into this wonderful alternate universe. 13 months ago I had never read a blog. One day at work I somehow stumbled across DB and got immediately hooked.

What a long strange trip it's been so far. I hope it doesn’t end.  


mazel tov! Many more years of happy blogging..
BTW, since that fateful day you stumbled on DB's blog at work, have you worked much the past year?
Do you count law school as work?
mazal tov on your blogiversary :)
Doesnt time fly by fast? Congrads
Happy Blogiversary!
I don't count law school as work (that was on DB's behalf).


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