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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The War On Christmas...

...Doesn't exist. It's not really war, it's just political correctness run amok. And nothing makes me laugh harder then attempts at political correctness that don't conform to reality.

You want to say Happy Holidays? That's fine with me, as there are different holidays that fall out in December.

But for crying out loud, it's a Christmas tree! Not a Holiday tree! Jews don't have them on Channuka, Africans don't have one on Kwanza, and Muslims don't have them on Ramadan. Christians have them on Christmas. So call it a Christmas tree will ya?

But this is even funnier than a Holiday tree. This is from the Houston Symphony's website:

Handel's Messiah
By Conductor Christopher Seaman

Both an awe-inspiring holiday tradition and a memorable religious experience, Handel's Messiah returns this holiday season. Guest conductor Christopher Seaman leads Houston's premier performance of Handel's choral masterwork, which includes the timeless Hallelujah Chorus.

James Taranto writes, "If they really want to be sensitive to those who can't stomach "Christmas," shouldn't they change the name of the work to, say, Handel's "Dude"?"


Well, the Messiah was originally written for Easter.

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