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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

They're Blaming Who?

Christian Peacemaker Teams has blamed the kidnapping of four of its members on the U.S. and the U.K.

Strange, I would think that the rational thing to do is to blame the kidnapping on the kidnappers. You may claim that they are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but remember, the organization is blaming Bush and Blair, not the kidnapped members

I have a suggestion.

Let’s not spend one second of our military’s time looking for these hostages. These people really are slime.


These people really are slime. CNN is reporting that while CPT is pleading for their members' lives to be spared, they don't blame the terrorists for taking them hostake and threatening to kill them.

The group, which has been stressing its opposition to "the invasion and occupation of Iraq," said in its statement that while it does not support kidnapping, it does not condemn the kidnappers for their actions.

"We recognize the humanity in each person, and respect it very much. This includes you, our colleagues, and all people," the statement said. "Perhaps you are men who only want to raise the issue of illegal detention. We don't know what you may have endured."

I think that James Taranto was right on the money when he wrote last week that "As loathsome as these people are, we hope they survive. Maybe they'll even learn the lesson that the terrorists aren't their friends even though they are enemies of America."


While in theory I disagree, I think we should find them, kill/capture the terrorists, and have it all on camera. Do you think the hostages will be relieved? I do. Might change a few people's opinions...

Plus, I'm not sure we can write people off for being stupid. As much as we're tempted.
Errm, not that this is a conversation that should be started, but I find the name 'Christian Peacemaker' to be somewhat self-contradictory.

And in that neck of the woods, perhaps as provocative as the anything with the name Jewish would be.

Either says 'Jew and Crusader Alliance'.

So clearly they're not quite using their common sense........

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