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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Political and Ideological Purity

In America we thankfully have only two political parties.  (My apologies to the Reform, America First, Communist, Green, Independence, Libertarian, Socialist, and all the other parties that don’t count).

I’m a Republican and proud of it.  

But a two party system will guarantee that you can’t be a member of a political party that has exactly the same views as you. I don’t agree with every position that the Republican Party takes.

The same goes for ideology.  I’m a conservative and proud of it.

But like party membership, ideological membership doesn’t mean ideological purity.  I don’t agree with every position that conservatives take.  

And while this may ruin any small chance of me being appointed to the Supreme Court, I’m going to spend the next couple of posts explaining my disagreements with Republicans and conservatives.  


Good for you.

I'm actually a registered Democrat; though I disagree on almost every issue. I'm a staunch conservative - but not on every issue. I'm pro-Bush! But don't always agree with him.

We're all a little bit of both - but those who feel that anything coming from the "other" side is automatically "wrong" are naive and stupid. Often, maybe even usually, that may be true - but as its sometimes not, knee-jerk reactions and votes are generally dumb.

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