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Monday, November 07, 2005

Paris Is Burning

So the riots continue in France.  Is it wrong of me to hope they continue, becoming more and more destructive?  Then, we in the U.S. can act like high and mighty, self righteous Frenchmen, and lecture the French on the “reasons” behind rioters, so that they can “understand” their grievances.  


Well I live in Paris... Let me tell you it's not fun!
And btw, jews are not supposed to wish for revenge, nor are they supposed to wish for everyone's harm.
Yes, it is wrong. However, your points are well-made.
It's incredible how the French government is reluctant to do the One thing government is supposed to do.
You know what? We can feel joy!!! Not in seeing innocent people hurt but in knowing that our stance is correct. We know better than anyone how to deal with an Intifada. First take it seriously! Second, don't concern yourself with the cause yet, deal with the problem at hand.
Right now paris has a bunch of marauding Muslims it needs to deal with. Let it.
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