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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

My Two Cents on Slifkin

I joined the J-Blogosphere to late to join in the Slifkin kerfuffle. And frankly, I was never that interested in the whole deal.

But then comes along this idiot.

While it's nice to see someone represent the anti-Slifkin side, it would be nicer if the person wasn't a foaming at the mouth lunatic.

I'd prefer an actual debate about the contents as opposed to "it's ossur, end of story" and petty name calling- a practice by both sides of the debate.

If one thing good comes of this and other controversies regarding s'forim, is that maybe the Gedolim will actualy read the sayfer before giving their Haskama.

[Hat tip- Romach]


I thought that Observer was a bit of an idiot. Take this little gem:

Rav Shmuel, who was burnt once and shown to have poor judgment when it comes to giving Haskomos, did not want to be shown once again to have made the same terrible mistake as he did with Reinman, and so he will not retract his Haskomo.

What a hypocrite! On one hand, Slifkin is condemned for appearing critical of Chazal, yet Observer evidently feels that it's OK to deride Gedolim in our own generation. I guess that it's only when you make these types of statements hundreds of years later that you qualify as a heretic.

A hypocrite.
As you have linked to the blogger you describe as "idiot," I feel compelled to make the following comment:

Rav Sholom Kamenetsky is a light of Torah and model of integrity. When I think of Torah and Gedulah in one person, I think of him.

The series of posts linked to are not so much a discussion of Slifkin, or the honor of Gedolim, but rather a hateful attempt to attack Rav Sholom's honor and a Chilul Hashem.

I only hope for the sake of the above linked to blogger, that it will fall on deaf ears, but if it shouldn't, I want to be counted amongst the many who testify to Rav Sholom's embodiment of everything the Torah hoped for in an Eved Hashem.

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