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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Global Warming?

It's only December 4th and there 2 inches of snow on the ground in New York City. Looks like it's going to be a good ski season.

Here's a photo of the first snowball of the season. It's not a great snowball; the snow was too wet, but it's still the first. I've placed it in my freezer for posterity.


You should tie a red string around it and bring it to a Cohen...
That snow really came out of nowhere. I never heard about it and was completely shocked when I saw it in the morning.
I was surprised too... Had a great game of flag football, though!

Someone told me recently that there will be a LOT of good snow this winter, so the skiing should be awesome.

I know of a great place in PA that's really cheap during the middle of the week if you have 3 days. Went there with my sis and her husband and kids a couple years ago - really good slopes.
If I've got 3 days to ski, I'm heading up north to Vermont. Stratton has great midweek lift and lodging deals.

PA is good for a one day warmup, I can get to Shawnee Mountain in 90 minutes.
I think it was Shawnee that had really great deals... Like $250 for a week for a 2-BR (2 floor) lodge with big LR and kitchen [bring some of your own stuff], plus they throw in a few lift tickets and stuff. I sound like an ad, but get a few friends and do it - it's a joke, pricewise.

Then again, Vermont is supposed to be great skiing too, though I've never been there.

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