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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I Hate My Profession

Well, it will be my profession in about a year and a half.

Well actually I don't really hate my profession, I hate a lot of people who practice my profession.

I've already discussed this once, but I've been inspired to rant again by the news that someone just filed a lawsuit against Microsoft because his Xbox 360 is defective.

Why not just return the damn thing?

Why does everything have to be resolved in court?

And what kind of low-life lawyer actually takes up a case like this?

I've got a great idea- anyone who files such a lawsuit, should he lose should be horsewhipped on the steps of the Supreme Court. And his attorney should be disbarred.


Is someone forgetting the fabled Rule 11?
Hear, hear!
Rule 11 doesn't allow for horsewhipping.
What's Rule 11?
Rule 11

If all the stars of the sky were eyeballs, and all the sand grey matter, you would still not be able to read the mountain of literature written about this rule.

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