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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Clapping In Class

Today was the last day of Federal Income Tax.  And as tradition dictates, we all applauded when class ended.  I wonder why people do this in law school.  I don’t recall ever doing this in college.  Last year we applauded in only a couple of classes, in classes where the vast majority of students actually liked the professor.  

Last year it actually got emotional in Civil Procedure.  The professor, who almost everyone loved, was leaving the school and was becoming the dean in a liberal arts college.  Towards the end of class on the last day of the semester, he said he just realized that this was the last time he would be teaching a class.  We gave him a standing ovation when class ended, and he ran out, looking like he was about to start crying.  

I’ve still got 3 more “last classes” today and tomorrow.  I’ll report back if anyone claps.


I think it's a wonderful show of appreciation. Perhaps people should consider it in colleges, as well.
It's not just a law school thing. Fancy schmancy colleges do it as well. Oh, and Young Frankenstein.
We had a class where surprisingly no one clapped. So someone made it a point to start clapping at the end of the review session.

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