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Monday, March 26, 2007

Great Post By DAG


Great post? More like another hackneyed updated riff on mai ahani luhn rabonon = of what positive benefit are the Rabbis?.

The whole elaborate argument is predicated on the notion that the Kollelniks contribute nothing to the commonweal while learning Torah and that they will amount to nothing once they are finished. I suspect Dag would oppose Kollelim even if they slashed theirs enrollments by 75% and placed a 5-year-after-the-wedding term limit on Kollel careers.

The argument that he makes for consolidation could be applied to many of the existing Day School, Shuls and Yeshivas as well. Very unrealistic. Make peace with reality. Two Jews = three opinions.
The Pesach Hotel industry is a national disgrace and would be the same if there were a total of 300 Kollel mishpochos world-wide.

I defy anyone to show me when in Jewish History Yomim Tovim were celebrated with over-the-top gourmet food orgies, ostentatious shows of haute couture, Chol HaMoed in the Magic Kingdom and non-stop concerts by lousy Elvis wannabe “Hasidic” singers. If ever there was an institution that manifested both “v’yishman yeshurun v’yivot” = “And Jeshurun grew fat and began kicking/rebelling” and “vayisravu B’Goyim vayilmedu mima’aseyhem” = “And they mingled among the nations and learned from/mimicked their ways” it is the Pesach Hotel travesty.

Many of the financial improprieties that we all agree are massive Chilul HaShems and something to be ashamed of are fueled by the need to keep up with the Joneses and maintain the Pesach Hotel standard of Lifestyles of the rich and (wannabe) famous. I doubt anyone has ever committed securities fraud because he just wanted to found another Kollel.
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