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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So I was at this wedding the other night in Brooklyn. One of those Jewish-owned catering halls. Really nice affair- when it comes to these kosher places, there's a direct correlation between how much you spend and the quality of the food. I've been to this place before and the food was decent, the other night, though, the food was really good.

So as I'm enjoying my prime rib, a waiter shows up and places a plate of potato kugel on the table. Huh? What the heck is 13 inch round, uncut kugel doing on the table?

No disrespect to the kugel; I love potato kugel. But it seemed a little out of place next to the prime rib and pistachio nut encrusted chicken, baby vegetables, and potato puree.

Has anyone seen this before?


Don't diss the kugel, man. :)

You can never go wrong with a potato kugel at a Jewish simcha. :)

The Wolf
This wouldn't happen to be at Ateres Avrohom would it? I think I've seen that there before.
I write about this phenomina all the time. How you could be seated in an eatery that charges 24.95 for a salad and your waiter is wearing ripped jeans and a shirt that says staff on it.

Jews no matter how uppity they get can still be downright ghetto. I was recently at a wedding in Toronto that after the main meal was finished they placed a big bowl of cholent on all the tables. Yes ghetto frummy is what its called

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