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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Losing It

Check out this hysterical and over the top editorial from the wonderful editors of the NY Times.

Fear-mongering at its finest.


Wow. Those are strong words. I'm not sure why you consider it fearmongering, though. Did they say something inaccurate?
Doesn't have to be inaccurate for it to be fearmongering, it's impossible to know how Alito will vote on anything.

But the whole tone of the editorial is so over the top that I can't think of a better term.
It's impossible to know for sure (especially since nominees no longer answer any questions of substance) but it's possible to make a reasonable guess based on his written and judicial history.
Is that really a reasonable guess, though? No. The Times are ruining the Democratic party - a filibuster will result only in the loss of the right to filibuster. Pathetic.
The Times is really moving into Daily Kos territory. With Kerry and Kennedy blogging for Kos, I'm scared to see the future of the Democratic party.

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