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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Do Democrats Have Brains?

We'll find out once the Senate votes on Alito. The Democrats have a vested interest in the Alito vote being at least 60-40, otherwise all the liberal special interest groups will kill them for not filibustering. Problem is, an Alito filibuster would be political suicide for the Democrats.

So will the Dems be able to get enough of their Senators to "take one for the team" and run up the vote to 60? Or will they not realize the importance of reaching that magical number. Stay tuned.


Oh, stolen straight from James Taranto... (though I'll grant it was obvious)
Didn't Novak just have a column on this?
Novak thinks there is a chance for a filibuster, while Taranto doesn't. I'm with Taranto on this one.

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