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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Warming Up

Required reading for today.

In environmental politics, the short-term interests of the eco-establishment count for more than the long-term health and welfare of ordinary Australians, or New Zealanders, or indeed Indians and Nigerians. They count for more than the long-term reputation of scientific institutions. Hence, the famous "hockey stick" graph purporting to show climate over the last thousand years, as a continuous flat millennium-long bungalow with a skyscraper tacked on for the 20th century. This graph was almost laughably fraudulent, not least in the sense that it used a formula which would result in a "hockey stick" shape no matter what data you input - even completely random trendless arbitrary computer-generated data. Yet such is the power of the eco-lobby that this fraud became the centerpiece of UN reports on global warming. If it's happening, why is it necessary to lie about it?


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