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Friday, June 27, 2008

Flip-Flopping, And No One Cares

Charles Krauthammer points out that Obama has flip-flopped on several issues since the primaries (FISA, NAFTA, Iran, campaign finance, his grandmother), and no one seems to care.

Krauthammer doesn't care either but he notes:
Nor am I disappointed in the least by his other calculated and cynical repositionings. I have never had any illusions about Obama. I merely note with amazement that his media swooners seem to accept his every policy reversal with an equanimity unseen since the Daily Worker would change the party line overnight -- switching sides in World War II, for example -- whenever the wind from Moscow changed direction.

The truth about Obama is uncomplicated. He is just a politician (though of unusual skill and ambition). The man who dared say it plainly is the man who knows Obama all too well. "He does what politicians do," explained Jeremiah Wright.

When it's time to throw campaign finance reform, telecom accountability, NAFTA renegotiation or Jeremiah Wright overboard, Obama is not sentimental. He does not hesitate. He tosses lustily.

Why, the man even tossed his own grandmother overboard back in Philadelphia -- only to haul her back on deck now that her services are needed. Yesterday, granny was the moral equivalent of the raving Reverend Wright. Today, she is a featured prop in Obama's fuzzy-wuzzy get-to-know-me national TV ad.

Not a flinch. Not a flicker. Not a hint of shame. By the time he's finished, Obama will have made the Clintons look scrupulous.


The whole "tossed his grandmother overboard" is so unfair. It's just not even close to what happened and there's no evidence that she was unhappy with it.
He called her a rascist, based on the story of his drunk grandfather who was explaining why she goes to work and he does not.

He then said that Wright is, with all his faults, a part of him (Obama), just as his grandmother is.

He threw her overboard.
Recognizing racism in someone isn't necessarily a way of insulting them. The whole point of Obama's message was that having prejudices doesn't automatically discredit you as a human being worthy of love and respect.
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