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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another Quote Of The Day

"The Democrats say the Republicans should have done all the things Democrats won't let us do to al Qaida — solely because Foley was rumored to be gay. Maybe we could get Democrats to support the NSA wiretapping program if we tell them the terrorists are gay."




Which Democrats said we should torture him?
Wiretap, not torture.
Which Dems said:

a) we shouldn't wiretap al quaida?


b) we should wiretap Foley?
I'm not sure this justifies a response, but I'll give one anyway. Democrats say that Republican congress who were directly presented with evidence of abuse of power (and possible worse) at least one and perhaps up to 10 years ago should have done more than hide the evidence and try to sweep everything under the rug.

What does this have to do with Al Quad or wiretapping?

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