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Monday, September 25, 2006

All Is Forgiven?

Q- What's the best way for a disgraced, alcoholic, anti-Semitic movie star and producer to get back into Hollywoods' good graces?

A- Come out against the war in Iraq.


The FIRST thing I thought when I saw that too. What a tool. What a joke Hollywood is. A bunch of imobsils.
I don't understand.. Where does it say he's back in Hollywood's good graces?
Oh, he's not there yet. But bashing Iraq is a good first start.
BTW, Gibson's being against the war predates his drunken Jew rant. Just google it.

Not that I'm defending the guy, but your post is absurd. It implies he recently took a position (he didn't) to get back into Hollywood's good graces (he hasn't.) You're trying to use a crazy right-wing anti-semitic religious fanatic to bash the left?!

This after the left complained that his film was anti-semitic? And after the right said, "No, it's not anti-semitic, you just hate Christians?!" And then it was revealed that, shocker, he really is anti-semitic?

How can you possibly use Mel Gibson in a post to bash the left?
I'm not bashing the left, I'm bashing Gibson. I just view this recent rant by Gibson as an attempt by him to get back into the crowd.
Oh. Never mind then. I thought you were bashing the left by proxy, through Hollywood.

Bash away on Gibson. Although my point about his having had that stance before the drunken Jew rants stands.

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