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Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Question

I’ve got a question to all the Bush-bashers out there.  

I often hear people claim that Bush is a tyrant, an emperor, a fascists, etc.

Does any think that Bush is not going to step down two years from now when his term ends?  


I don't think anybody reasonable believes he won't.

Some of the real extremists probably think it's a possibility.
He will step down. But he will do his best to ensure that another Republican with attitudes that match his--namely, that the Presidency and the Federal government need to be given all the power they want, and that if the prosperous prosper, then the rest of the country will as well; and that blind assertion of military power is the solution to all foreign policy problems--will be elected. And if one is, it doesn't matter, does it? Big Brother's face on the poster may change, but the control remains in the hands of those who think it is their right to control the lives of every one else.
No. He'll resign or get kicked out sooner. :)

Seriously, is your logic really, "He's not destroying all Constitutional aspects of our government so how bad can he be?" I think if there was a possibility for him to stay longer, he might try, but our democracy is strong and robust enough that he knows it's a battle he can't win. (I also suspect Clinton would have considered a third term if it was legal so this isn't a partisan thing. The Presidency is very hard to give up.)

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