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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some Good News...

...that the MSM won't report on. But I'll do by own small part in spreading the news.



The 98 publications listed here

aren't MSM?

You have a serious persecution complex.
When the Army was having recruitment difficulties it was on the front page og the NY Times, Washington Post, etc.

And no, I don't consider the WashTimes part of the MSM.
What about the other 98 publications that ran the story? And I donn't recall seeing it on page 1 of the Times.
DB, its not just a matter of whether an MSM publication (or 98 of them) bothers to run a story - almost every event of slight note gets at leats a few lines on Page A15. Its also a matter of the emphasis put on the story which can show bias.

As CWY pointed out, the MSM has been promoting the Army's recruiting woes as being an important story worthy of many prominent columns, repeatedly on or near the front page. If the Army's recruiting woes are an important story (and it can certainly be argued that it is), then isn't a reversal of said woes equally newsworthy, and shouldn't it be subject to equally prominent coverage - if only as a folow-up to the previous stories?

I haven't looked at the sources you linked, but I would be shocked if recruiting successes get anywhere near the coverage that recruiting failures do. You can see why some of us neo-cons (;-) get a little testy about media coverage of the war when the news that gets prominent coverage is almost universally within the "the war effort is going terribly, woe is us" narrative. If the MSM was really focused on reporting the important facts, a dramatic upswing in recruiting should be news, even if only to say that the crisis has passed.

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