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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Op-Ed of the Day

Michael Gerson, over at the Washington Post, imagines what Obama's first 100 days would look like if he actually follows through with he has said on the campaign trail.
Obama's 100-day agenda would be designed, in part, to improve America's global image. But there is something worse than being unpopular in the world -- and that is being a pleading, panting joke. By simultaneously embracing appeasement, protectionism and retreat, President Obama would manage to make Jimmy Carter look like Teddy Roosevelt.
Gerson goes on to say that it's highly unlikely that Obama would actually go through with all that he said, i.e., he's not going to sit down unconditionally with Iran, he's not going to pull out of NAFTA, and he certainly isn't going to immediately pull out of Iraq.


Michael Gerson is a lying hack. But lets focus on what he wrote.

and that is being a pleading, panting joke.

Has Obama ever been anything but pitch-perfect in his message? Why would somebody so preternaturally gifted at conveying just the right tone at just the right time end up looking like a "pleading, panting joke?"

By simultaneously embracing appeasement...

Brain-dead slander that you should be embarrassed to quote.

protectionism and retreat,

I'm not sure where protectionism fits in. I'll grant "retreat," although even that is spin. It's not like we're running away from a powerful enemy -- we're just withdrawing from a nightmare of a quagmire with no end in sight.
Did you actually read the op-ed, and not just the blurb I quoted?

None of your comments seem to address anything he wrote.

Appeasement- that would be sitting down with the various dictators around the world, unconditionally. As he points out, once you've done that, you've seriously compromised your ability to negotiate.

Protectionism- That would be all the pulling out of NAFTA talk that's been going on. (Though if our Canadian friends are telling the truth, Obama is just doing it for politics, and has no intention of actually following through.

Retreat- Well, that's been covered.
And, given the current state of affairs, do you really think that Iraq is a "nightmare of a quagmire"? (whatever the heck that means)
I'm actually more concerned that Obama means everything he says and will try to do all of those things. But it's possible that a few days in office will change his mind.
And, given the current state of affairs, do you really think that Iraq is a "nightmare of a quagmire"? (whatever the heck that means)

I think that to achieve anything that could be fairly labeled a success, we'd have to maintain current troop levels for years and years. Possibly decades.
Um, has this gerson guy forgotted (perhaps he is in denial) that Obama would NOT be the "first president to meet with a holocaust denier" as Presdunce Bush has already met several times with Mahmoud Abbas, doctor of holocaust denial himself?
Yes, obamas approach is troubling and naive, but come on, at least show some intelligence or awareness. man must not be too bright

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