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Monday, January 28, 2008

What To Do?

I'm torn.

Do I support McCain or Romney? I'd much rather Romney be President than McCain. But McCain, I think, has a better shot at beating Obama/ Hillary.

Funny thing is, I'm a registered Democrat, so I can't vote in the GOP primary anyways.


Me too, but I thought the GOP primary was open and anyone could vote - that only the D primary was closed.


If Guiliani has a fighting chance after FL, I'd go with him. Otherwise I'm equally torn.

In the D primary I'm debating between Clinton (better than Obama) or Edwards (just to make everyone look poorer). Then again, maybe helping Obama win the primary will win the election for the GOP. Hmm...

What about you?
GOP primary is closed as well.

I'm probably going to vote for Hilary , as I'm no fan of Obama. Plus I think the GOP has a better shot against Hillary than Obama.
McCain is better than Romney. Romney is such a hack. He'll believe in anything.
Given the choices, both Democratic and Republican, you're as well off by putting all the names on slips of paper and drawing one out of a hat as spending time in deep thinking. All the choices are abysmal.
A friend up there in politics also says McCain is far better than Romney. I'm hoping they'll convince me that McCain isn't just okay, but good.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to determine which of Obama and Clinton really has less of a shot. Clinton maxes out at 45% or so in any poll, and she's downright hated in a lot of states by a good chunk of people. On the other hand, Obama is so far left that I wonder if he can break 40% in a lot of states. It depends on how much you think people pay attention to the issues and how "liberal" someone supposedly is or how much they listen to/watch a couple debates and base their votes on how smooth someone comes across.


Maybe I'll just ask my grandparents who they like more; if it's Obama, then he's got a chance nationally. If it's Clinton, Obama has no shot.
I have the same problem. I am a registered Republicna in NJ (when I first registered in NY, as all good Jews I registered as a democrat, but when I moved to NJ I was able to fix the mistake). On the one hand Mccain might be the most likely to beat Hillary, on the other hand I feel like Romney is more conservative and gets the economy a lot better. Still not sure.
I guess the choice has been made for you.

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